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Tax Refund Software

These could include: Tele-workers • Tele-marketers • Regional sales people • Delivery personnel - Auto breakdown personnel • Other workers where companies have rationalised offices and where there are no company facilities provid

If you are an EMPLOYEE (not self-employed) and your job necessitates working from home one or more days a week you could be entitled to an income tax refund.'Working from Home' Tax Refund Software makes it easy to claim a refund that can be backdated up to 4 years. The software produces a claim to reimburse home-workers for the additional cost of heating, lighting, and other expenditure whilst working at home on their employer's behalf. This only applies if it is necessary for you to work from home, not if you merely choose to work from home. There is no mechanism at the moment for easily making this claim. It is not on the self-assessment tax form, and the HMRC does not publish the calculations. [ORDER]

The software CD is simple to use and prints the relevant letter and calculations for submission to the HMRC. 'Working from Home' Tax Refund Software CAN ALSO BE USED TO OBTAIN REFUNDS IF YOU USE YOUR OWN CAR, TOOLS OR ANY OTHER EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR EMPLOYER'S BUSINESS. [Frequently asked questions].

'Working from Home' Tax Refund Software has already helped hundreds of employees obtain refunds, the majority of which have exceeded £400. The software has been reviewed by the major UK Accounting and Taxation bodies and has featured on national radio and press including the Sunday Times, Telegraph and Mail financial sections [ORDER]

for employees where the nature of the job necessitates workin from home
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