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What type of refund claims can be made
  • Using part of your home for the necessary performance of your employment
  • Using your own car for work
  • Using your own equipment or tools for work
  • Any other expenditure incurred for your employers business
  • Flat Rate expenses for many occupations
What is the current HMRC view   HMRC issued revised guidance through tax bulletin issue 79 published in October 2005. This gives examples of situations in which the employee may claim and, where the employee satisfies the conditions for relief, HMRC will normally allow a deduction of £3 per week (£4 from 12/13 tax year) without further justification.
My employers give me a mileage allowance, can I still claim for using my car for work
  • Yes you can claim the difference between the HMRC authorised rates and what you were reimbursed.
  • The HMRC rates are currently 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles and 25p thereafte
What sort of tools can I claim for
– do I have to have receipts
You do not need to have receipts as long as you are in one of the trades listed under ESCA1 (see HMRC booklet IR1 or visit (replaced by ITEPA 2003 section 367) and you use your own tools.
Can I claim for newspapers and magazines that I read for work
Only if they are trade magazines purchased wholly, exclusively & necessarily for your employment, not general interest newspapers or magazines
What do you mean by ‘any other expenditure’
Anything that you have needed to purchase wholly and exclusively for the purpose of your employment.
I am an employee on PAYE – am I entitled to a refund if I work from home
Quite likely, as long as it was necessary for you to work from home on certain days to perform your duties rather than just because you felt like it.
How many days a month do I have to work from home to qualify for a refund
Probably not worth claiming unless you work at least 1 day a week from home
Do I have to have a designated room which I use as an office in order to claim
No, the room should not be used solely for business otherwise there could be capital gains tax implications.
What guarantees have I got that I will receive a refund

The software and notes comply with current HMRC rulings and practice. Legitimate refund claims submitted using the package should be accepted by the HMRC. If you submit a genuine claim using Working from Home Tax Refund Software there is no reason why you should not receive a refund.

What if the HMRC refuse my claim
HMRC would not refuse your claim without asking for further clarification. As long as the claim has been submitted using the guidelines you should be able to provide whatever clarification they request.
Was this software written by a Taxation expert
It was written by a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and has been thoroughly reviewed by the major UK accounting and taxation bodies.
Do I have to prove I use my house as an ‘office’
No, as long as you were required to work from home on at least one day per week, then you used your home as an office.
Can I claim if I live in rented accommodation
Can the software be used for future tax years
You cannot normally claim rent but you can claim for other expenses using the software..
Do you need a certificate from your employer to prove you work at home?
No, but you will have a stronger case if you contract requires you to work from home.
Do you have a technical help line
There is not a technical helpline for tax questions but there is a detailed help section on each page of the software.
Can you recommend an accountant
Accredited accountants are listed in Yellow Pages.
Can more than one person use this software.
The software comes with a single user licence, but multi-licenses are available.
Do I have to make a separate claim each year once I have registered as Working from home?
Yes, if the HMRC has not already adjusted your paye coding.
How many years can I claim for
Up to 4 years
I don’t understand tax – is it difficult to claim a refund
The software is easy to use designed for people who know nothing about tax. It even produces the letter to the HMRC for you.
How quickly will I get a refund
The HMRC performance target is within 28 days. This was achieved in 95% of cases last year.
Who do I apply to, there are lots of tax offices
The address is on your P60 – or ask your employer.
What sort of computer do I need to run the software
Any PCcomputer with a CD drive (Software will not run on the Apple Macintosh system).
Who should I write to with any complaints/queries
Customer Services Department,
Working from Home Limited, 8 Highgrove Park, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7PQ
I am a 40% taxpayer – what would I get back
For every £100 worth of eligible expenditure you would get back £40. So, for example, if you had £100 expenditure for each of the last 4 years, the total reclaim would be £160 + interest.
I am a basic rate taxpayer – what would I get back
For every £100 worth of eligible expenditure you would get back approximately £20. So, for example, if you had £100 expenditure for each of the last 4 years, the total reclaim would be approximately £80 including interest supplement.
I only pay a small amount of tax, is it worth applying for a refund
If your grand total unclaimed expenditure over the last 4 years exceeds £200, it is probably worth buying the software as it will also give you a base for claiming in future years.
Do I need to insert the Working from Home Tax Refund CD every time I need to use the software
YES, this is to ensure that the license agreement is being followed.



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