Are any of your employees BASED AT HOME ?

What's the Story ?
Why not give your employees the chance to submit a tax refund claim! The HMRC themselves have an annual 'Taxback' campaign to encourage non taxpayers to claim back tax deducted from their bank or building society interest. However, they do not generally publicise the fact that hundreds of thousands of ordinary PAYE employees could also be entitled to a more substantial reclaim.

If any of your employees necessarily work from home one or more days a week they can submit a claim for the additional cost of heating and lighting their home during the time that they are working there. This only applies if it is necessary for the employee to work from home, not if he/she merely chooses to work from home. It is also possible to claim for using furniture, e.g. chairs, desk, shelving, and equipment, e.g. computer and printer, for their employer's business. If their own car is used on business and they are reimbursed at less than the HMRC FPCS rates they can claim tax relief on the shortfall.

Where an employee does have a valid claim under the above circumstances he or she can backdate it for up to six years so even a fairly modest annual expenditure can result in a sizeable refund. At 'Working from Home' we have developed a easy to use software package that enables these employees to make that CLAIM, it's price £19.95.

How can you help ?
Make sure that all your 'home workers' are all aware of this information by passing on our web address - you could do this by featuring it in your newsletter or on the notice board or why not put a slip in with their payslip - we can help! - contact us at
Your organisation can purchase a corporate licence at substantial discounts - further information is available by going to our Rates page, or drop us an email at:- and we will contact you.

Thank you for your time

Please feel free to pass on this information to anyone you feel it could be of use to . . . .
. . . . give some else the chance to get a cheque back from HMRC.


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