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Who are Working from Home Limited

The 'Working from Home' Software has been designed by a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and reviewed by the major U.K. accounting and taxation bodies. It is included in the Annual Technical Supplement of Taxation Magazine.

The software and help notes comply with current HMRC rulings and practice, and legitimate refund claims submitted using this package should be accepted by the HMRC

The 'Working from Home' Software was launched in September 2000.
It has received wide radio coverage as well as appearing in articles in the personal finance pages of national newspapers including the Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and the Observer.

The Software is easy to use and is primarily aimed at employees who do not use an accountant.

It can be utilised both to submit refund claims of up to six years and also to aid completion of box 1.32 (expenses that you wish to claim for) on the Employment pages of the SA Tax Return.

HMRC issued revised guidance through tax bulletin issue 79 published in October 2005. This gives examples of situations in which the employee may claim and, where the employee satisfies the conditions for relief, HMRC will allow a deduction of £3 per week without further justification.

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